7 mistakes and pitfalls to avoid when implementing soak tests

✅ There are lots of pitfalls and mistakes that testers can make during a soak test, meaning it’s important to be aware of these challenges to avoid them yourself. Below is a list of 7 of the most common mistakes that testers make during soak testing.

Soak testing checklist, tips, and tricks

✅ If you’re due to start soak testing, make sure that you’ve got everything you need before you begin testing. This means a clear idea of what you’re testing, detailed test cases, a realistic test environment, and the right soak testing tools.

Common metrics in soak testing

✅ Metrics help testers judge whether or not an application reaches the objective standards expected by stakeholders, users, and developers.

The soak testing process

✅ There are slightly different ways to carry out a soak test, meaning that the process will vary between tests. If you’re designing a soak test for your application or program, follow these steps below to get started.