The best enterprise smoke testing tools

✅ If you’re prepared to invest a little money into your smoke testing tools, you can buy enterprise tools that have more extensive smoke testing capabilities and more thorough results.

Smoke Testing vs Regression Testing

✅ Smoke and regression testing are both types of testing that check whether the software is still functioning properly after new changes have been made.

Common Smoke Testing Metrics

✅ When carrying out a smoke test, QA teams may use metrics to assess the results of a smoke test and judge whether the test has passed or failed. As well as considering whether the software is able to perform its core functions properly, smoke test metrics might...

What you need to start smoke testing

✅ Before you can start smoke testing in software testing, it’s important to gather together all of the things that you’ll need, including data files and skills within your organization.

The Challenges of Manual Smoke Testing

✅ There are also many challenges to performing smoke testing manually, and these account for why many companies choose to use automated smoke testing where possible.