5 Best Free Sanity Testing Tools

✅ If you’re interested in implementing free sanity testing tools to help plan, run, and automate sanity tests on stable software builds, below is a list of some of the best sanity testing tools available online for free today.

Examples of Sanity Tests

✅ Learning how to sanity test with example tests is the best way to understand how sanity tests work and how to conduct a sanity test manually.

Best Practices for Sanity Testing

✅ Because sanity testing is both unscripted and undocumented, testers can conduct sanity testing as and when they need to. There aren’t many recommended best practices for sanity testing because it’s such a casual type of software testing, but there are some rules...

Manual Sanity Testing: Benefits, Challenges, & Process

✅ Manual sanity testing is any kind of sanity testing that is carried out manually by human testers. When testing manually, testers validate the key features of the software build themselves by testing the outcomes of various test cases and checking these against the...

Smoke, Sanity, & Regression testing

✅ Smoke testing, sanity testing, and regression testing are types of software testing that can help developers and testers to identify errors in code at an early stage of development.