RPA Use Case: Data migration

✅ Data migration is a standard process required by companies across many sectors, not just the legal industry. However, legal practices require not just peerless record keeping but the ability to share and recall data at little notice.

RPA Use Case: Legal Industry

✅ The legal industry has been an enormous beneficiary of automation. In the past, firms had huge document printing, processing, and storage facilities. Working by paper involved long work hours, the risk of human error, security concerns, and more. RPA has helped...

RPA case study for reducing R&D costs

✅ In the paper titled, Robotic Process Automation in Pharma: Three Case Studies (Anagnoste, 2018), the author outlines an all-too-common scenario facing firms in the pharmaceutical industry, namely, finding a way to deliver drugs at reasonable costs while shifting to...

RPA Use Case: Pharmaceutical

✅ RPA use cases in the pharmaceutical industry involve administration, HR, sales forecasting, and even supply chain and inventory management. However, strict record-keeping and data management are among the most pressing back-office costs involved in the Life...

RPA Use Case: Logistics

✅ Logistics is another area that embraced RPA before other sectors. Warehousing and distribution hubs have relied on automation to reduce costs and errors and meet demanding 24/7 customer requirements.