Traffic, Driving, and the Automobile Industry

⬇️ Computer vision changed the way we drive and how we address traffic. It opened doors to adaptive technologies to improve the driving experience and helps cities reduce congestion by addressing problematic streets.

The History of Computer Vision

⬇️ Computer vision technology dates back to 1959 when Russell Kirsch scanned an image of his son into a computer. Kirsch’s infant son’s likeness became the first digital image in all its grainy glory, and it launched an entirely new branch of computer science and AI...

How Does Computer Vision Work?

⬇️ A computer will never see like we do because computers lack eyes to receive and translate the input to the brain.

What Is Computer Vision?

⬇️ In the simplest terms, computer vision involves teaching a computer how to view and correctly interpret images like a human. It’s complex, cutting-edge technology that relies on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.