Error: Object Doesn’t Support This Property or Method


This error could happen when the calling method doesn’t exist or the object type isn’t supported by the method. For example, we can use the “Click” method with “Object” type:

  • Application(“Application”).View(“View”).Object(“Login”).Click

But cannot with the “Application” type:

  • Application(“Application”).Click

Or calling method doesn’t exist in the tool:

  • Application(“Application”).View(“View”).Object(“Login”).ClickButton

How to Resolve this problem:

What to do:

As additional, all available methods you can find in the following places:

  • ZAPTEST How-To Pages
  • PDF Documentation which is distributed with a tool: please, use “1SCRIPT” main menu: “HELP” -> “PDF Documentation
  • ZAPTEST Tooltips and auto-completion when you write a “.” symbol