Enterprise Testing + RPA Suite


  • Seamless 2-in-1 Automation Testing +RPA
  • Technologies: AI + Computer Vision + WebDriver
  • Any UI + API + Performance Task Automation
  • ZAPTEST Copilot: AI-driven Assistant
  • Unlimited Licenses
  • WebDriver Component-Based Integration
  • ZAP Expert working remotely as a part of your team

Benefits of ZAPTEST Enterprise

2-in-1 Test Automation and RPA Enterprise solution

ZAPTEST Enterprise gives you access to unlimited test automation software and RPA software, all rolled into one.

Now, you can reduce software development time and automate menial tasks, driving greater efficiency across your workplace and faster lifecycles.

Not to mention, the significant added value to your company, reduced costs, and the potential of huge ROI from further automating processes via our state-of-art RPA technology, at no extra cost.

Unlimited Licenses

ZAPTEST Enterprise comes with unlimited licenses. Pay one fixed cost, and you can use as many seats as you need. Our Test + RPA automation scales with you, no matter the size or scope of your ambitions.


In the fast-paced world of software testing and development, time is of the essence.

Automators often face the challenge of writing robust and efficient scripts that can adapt to the ever-changing technology landscape.

That’s where ZAPTEST Copilot comes in.

Automate any UI

ZAPTEST’s ZAP Object Connector Engine (ZOE), a state-of-art algorithm framework, can detect any object across any platform.

As a result, you can run the same test on mobile, web, or desktop applications without long and drawn-out script modifications.

Component-Based WebDriver Integration

Unlock the full potential of test automation with ZAPTEST’s WebDriver Component-Based Architecture.

This advanced framework integrates a Shared Object Repository, offering a centralized hub for managing test objects, thereby simplifying script maintenance and reusability.

Alongside this, our Function Libraries allow you to create, store, and reuse custom functions, making your test scripts more modular and efficient.

Exception Handling features are built in, providing robust error detection and recovery mechanisms to ensure the stability of your test runs.

For data-driven testing, our Test Data Management capabilities let you easily import, manipulate, and utilize data sets, making your tests more dynamic and comprehensive.

Last but not least, ZAPTEST offers in-depth Reporting features, giving you actionable insights into test performance and outcomes.

All these features work in harmony to maximize your test automation efficiency, reliability, and scalability.

Enterprise Solution for Software Testing and Business Operation Automation

AI + Computer Vision Technology

AI + Computer Vision: Harnessing the synergy of artificial intelligence and visual perception to automate tasks, enhance security, and unlock new possibilities across diverse industries.

WebDriver Integration

ZAPTEST’s WebDriver Integration technology allows you to ramp up your testing capabilities by automating interactions with web elements. The result is quicker, more efficient, and more comprehensive tests and improved test management.


ZAPTEST Copilot is an AI-driven functionality integrated into the ZAPTEST platform. It acts as your co-pilot in automation scripting, generating intelligent code snippets that not only save time but also optimize test runs.

Unlimited Licenses

With ZAPTEST’s Enterprise Solution subscription program, you receive unlimited licenses across the entire organization. Regardless of whether your automation needs increase, your cost remains fixed.

Task-Agnostic Automation

The cutting-edge solution for streamlining processes, improving efficiency, and achieving automation excellence across industries.

Full-time ZAP Expert

Full-time ZAP Expert: A dedicated professional proficient in leveraging ZAP technology for seamless automation, optimizing workflows, and boosting productivity.

FREE & Enterprise Editions

ZAPTEST: Choose from FREE & Enterprise Editions to meet your automation needs. FREE for starters, Enterprise for advanced testing and automation solutions.

Self-Healing Test Automation

Self-healing test automation through dynamic updates to object selectors by smart object recognition.

RPA COE Automation

With ZAPTEST, you get a Robotic Process Automation Center of Excellence in every level of your organization. You will increase your overall efficiency while reducing human error and manual testing.

Our Process

Complimentary services are delivered remotely by one ZAP Expert per account using full functionality of ZAPTEST Enterprise Edition.

Our Experts will work alongside your existing team members.

With our tool, there is no need for purchasing multiple software licenses to optimize your test automation.

ZAPTEST Enterprise Solution is an all-inclusive software and services contract.

Our enterprise test automation tool saves time and money, ensuring Just-In-Time delivery.

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